Totz doing the accent challenge again when my post limit is less screwy


you tried S.H.I.E.L.D.

you tried

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i want a song gimme a song i want a song lemme try write fic song do yes



I still can’t find your song fics I give up how do




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I still can’t find your song fics I give up how do

  • me watching a movie: so that's where this gif is from

*rolls off the face of tumblr*

thatisnotimportant said: oh???

*rolls onto the face of tumblr*

thatisnotimportant said: oh!!!!



Disney Cosplays


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*rolls onto the face of tumblr*

For the Muses || Part I


 So Here’s the Deal:

Take these lyrics and let your muse(s) run wild. Draw something, paint something, write something (FANFICTION!?!?!?!), I don’t care what you do just do it! And I’d feel all bubbly if you sent in the number you used and showed me the art, because I think it’d be cool and everything, yeah? :3
Have fun!!

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